About Us

Wintec, having its office in Pune, the hub of business activities in India, was formed in the year 2013. Wintec is an engineering enterprise providing diverse range of products and solutions to the customers. We have established strong Relations with Japanese Suppliers as well as in India. We are acclaimed as a leading Manufacturer’s Representative, Importer & Exporter of high quality Industrial Tools and Equipments. We provide Japanese and Global Quality Solutions in manufacturing assembly tools, equipment, materials handling systems, etc. Genuine products support, committed delivery of consignments result in total customer satisfaction.

Corporate Values Wintec functions in accordance with clearly articulated corporate values always, its vision for future and its belief, "we will succeed and endure great satisfaction for all business partners, associated companies and employees." The values which we work for and maintain in all our business activities can be summed as follows:

Honesty : We promulgate transparency and honesty among our business associates, customers in order to establish long-lasting, fruitful relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Commitment : We, Wintec members, remain committed in everything we do, whether in providing the latest and best products and services to our customers, making them happy and contributing to our communities. We ensure total satisfaction to our customers.

Teamwork : We have firm believe that working together as a team with great smile and enthusiasm is the key to the success of our business. Thereby, we aim to create a collaborative and friendly work environment where each team member is a partner in our company’s success.

Excellence : We strive for excellence across our operations and are dedicated to achieving our corporate, individual goals and objectives as one holistic group.


we are into diverse business activities. We have offices in India and strong Relations with Japanese Suppliers to cater to the needs of our esteemed customers. Our products and solutions are as given below:

Assembly Solution Division

Our Assembly Solution Division is representing various Japanese manufacturers and brands to offer quality production and assemblies. Our associates and their products are as follows:

  • Junkosha - Anti-Spatter Tubing , Touch Connectors , Speed Controller , Fittings & Robotic Cables
  • Joplax - Plastic Couplers in different series
  • Mekas - Gas Charging Couplers , Pipe Couplers for Gas application
    • Miyakawa - Spring Balancers , Tool Hose Balancers
    • Nitto-Kohki - Hydraulic couplers , Air Couplers , Plastic Cupla , Gas Charging Couplers , Pipe couplers .
    • Tohnichi - Dial Indicator Torque Wrench, Adjustable Torque Wrench, Pre-Set Torque Wrench, Pre-Set, Ratchet Torque Wrench, Clutch Release Torque Screw Drivers, Digital Torque Wrench & Torque Meters
    • Uryu - Oil Pulse tools , Impact Tools , Angle Nut runner ,ratchet / open -end /Geared Wrenches , Torque Control drivers , Abrasive tools , Drills , Tappers & Testers .

Our Advantages

With us customers can avail of various advantages such as:

  • Various leading brands under one roof
  • Local supply as well as import option from Japan
  • Direct import from Japan for large quantities reduces the costs drastically
  • Local service support
  • Quick deliveries (Local as we all as direct export to customer)
  • Quick support
  • We can source other genuine, branded Japanese products as per customers’ requirements